Leonid Vydro, MD

Endocrinology, Diabetes


Photo of Leonid Vydro


  • Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Residency: UCSF - Fresno Medical Education Program
  • Fellowship: University of Illinois - Chicago


My primary philosophy is geared toward providing patients the tools and education to grab control of their own health. I do my best to thoroughly evaluate their specific circumstances and provide guidance as well as medical interventions when appropriate, but the fundamental strategy is one of which the patient is in the driver's seat. I practice the full spectrum of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism for adult patients, including care of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, thyroid disease including thyroid cancer, adrenal disease, pituitary disease and diseases of bone and mineral metabolism.

My ideal patient is one who is willing to work with me to find the best plan, taking into consideration all of their unique circumstances. I am always happy to work with motivated individuals who are able to participate in their own care.


  • General Endocrinology Care
  • Complete management of all forms of adult diabetes, Including insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring
  • Thyroid disorders including thyroid cancer
  • Osteoporiosis, Parathyroid disease, Calcium and Bone Metabolism
  • Complete management of pituitary and adrenal disorders

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